Visual Storytelling

Storytelling in any form is all about painting vivid pictures in the minds of an audience.  Pictures that draw people in while creating and cementing an emotional bond between the audience and the main characters of the story and their journey.  Great stories tend to contain surprises, twists and turns, and hold the attention of an audience from beginning to end.  And as marketers and brand managers in both B2B and B2C businesses have come to realize, they are extraordinarily effective when used to educate, influence, or otherwise attempt to convince an audience to take action.

Images Work

As useful as the telling of stories is to marketers, stories told with pictures has proven to be even more effective.  Carefully selected visuals, merging story content with brand, make stories easier to comprehend, (visuals processed by people 60,000 times faster than textand more memorable (textural information recalled 22 times better when images included)…  A picture is worth a thousand words turns out to be more than just a folksy saying.  It also can become the foundation for a successful marketing strategy.

CloudBoard’s Approach

CloudBoard’s visual storytelling solution was designed from the outset to make it easy for marketers and brand managers to be able to create and tell great visual stories using, in most cases, content they already have.  In a time where attention spans have fallen to virtually zero, where audiences will abandon anything that fails to interest them quickly, stories must be tight, captivating, and relevant, and this is precisely where CloudBoard’s visual stories shine.

Highlighting Your Brand

CloudBoard recognizes that “brand” is as important as stories themselves to your content marketing efforts, so we make it easy to incorporate and “wrap” your unique look and brand into every story you tell.  Logos and other brand identifiers can be easily imbedded into CloudBoard story templates, so you and your team can focus on core story content, without worrying that brand has been lost, or compromised along the way.

CloudBoard Channels

As important as creating a great original story is, the ability to deliver that story to your intended audience quickly is even more critical.  CloudBoard’s channel-based approach to distributing stories makes it easier to use your existing messaging channels, without the need for dedicated apps, or significant content repurposing efforts.  It also means your stories can be updated at any time to keep them fresh and current, all without the need to redistribute documents, or other content, each time something changes.