Use Cases Overview

The simplicity and ease of use of CloudBoard’s visual storytelling solution makes it perfect for use across a broad spectrum of marketing and branding activities (B2B, and/or B2C).   And the ability to leverage your existing content, automatically incorporate your look and brand, and publish your stories instantly, means that visual stories can now be employed in a variety of strategic marketing areas.  Including for:


Creating initial awareness of your business and your products/services in the global marketplace is essential, but it isn’t easy these days.  There’s an incredible amount of noise out there, and breaking through requires something unique, something that resonates, something that creates a powerful and lasting image in the mind of the target audience. 

CloudBoard’s visual storytelling solution offers you the perfect way to not only engage an audience for the very first time, but also a way for you to establish yourself in their minds such that you will be remembered.   By giving you the ability to tell your stories visually, and to incorporate and deliver your stories via your established email, social and text messaging campaigns easily, CloudBoard offers you an effective way to break through the clutter and touch your target audience at a deeper level, a level where a strong and lasting bond can take root.


Once you have created that critical first impression in the mind of the target audience, you will then want to follow-up and continue to build an emotional bond with them, one that will make it possible establish an ongoing business relationship. 

CloudBoard’s visual approach to engaging a market makes it easy to follow-up with a series of increasingly powerful image-based stories that speak to your market in such a way that they not only easily recognize you, but identify with you, as well.   Our approach also makes incorporation of your brand and your look automatic to the content creation process, which frees you up to focus more of your time on message, and campaign strategy and design.


The same way few people would prefer to climb a mountain entirely alone, customers don’t want to take unnecessary risks when it comes making purchases.  They want to know that others have already taken the journey and came away happy.  They want to know what they purchase works as intended and that they are buying something of high quality at a reasonable cost.  The best way for customers to feel comfortable with their purchase decisions is for them to hear directly from others who have already bought and used these products/services.  And customer stories and/or testimonials (especially those captured in video segments) are one of the most effective ways to convey this.

CloudBoard’s template based approach to content creation, and ability to publish instantly, makes it easy for companies to capture customer testimonials (including video content), wrap them into branded visual stories, and distribute them via content marketing programs while using their existing messaging tools.

Calls To Action

When the timing is right, and once potential customers have completed researching your product and/or service, and are potentially ready to make a purchase, specific offers can be placed front of them. 

CloudBoard’s ability to quickly craft branded story content and deliver it over your existing message channels, makes it possible to rapidly craft customer offer material for initial purchases, up-selling, and/or to create invitations to participate in special events, etc.  CloudBoard solutions also complement your ability to message test your offers (focus group, A/B test, etc.) via our built-in channel analytics tools.


Nurturing a prospect along the path from first impression to their first purchase is best accomplished by providing a stream of relevant information that continuously reinforces the benefits delivered by your product/service.  Effective nurturing takes well-crafted content that is consistent in its messaging and branding, and in maintaining that essential emotional connection with a prospect. 

Using visual stories to execute nurturing programs is a simple way to convey your message and reinforce your brand without overwhelming prospects with continuous streams of deep text content that requires time to read.  CloudBoard’s visual stories are perfect for use with nurturing campaigns, both those leading to original purchase, as well as follow on purchases and extensions.


Businesses that are able to develop a strong and vital “community” of customers, one that highly values its products and brand, are more likely to be successful.  Their customers become willing ambassadors for whatever it is they sell, and they serve as ready buyers for new products, as soon as they are introduced. 

Building and maintaining a community is no easy task however.  It requires skillful communications strategies, continuous brand reinforcement, and the ability to develop programs that maintain a high interest level around not only the company itself, but also around the activities of its customer base.

CloudBoard’s channel-centric, real-time publishing model allows customers to continually “check-in” so they can maintain an ongoing awareness of the company’s activities.  Our visual storytelling approach makes these check-ins more interesting and allows a business to deliver its content with a consistent brand and professional appearance, without significant additional content creation effort, or expense.


Marketers’ communications activities and responsibilities tend to go far beyond branding, lead generation, and events.  Many times, they are also called upon to train their company’s sales force, inform their distribution partners about new offerings for products or incentive programs, and communicate the company’s marketing message and objectives to employees.  These types of communications activities fall into the categories of training, or “education”.

CloudBoard’s visual storytelling strengths lie in delivering concise messages via an interesting and compelling package to any audience, making them perfect for use for educational purposes.  Whether it’s bringing a sales force or distribution channel up to speed, or delivering news and other internal messages to employees, CloudBoard generated visual stories can make the process simpler, easier, and more effective.


For many businesses and organizations, physical events are still the best and most effective way to engage with potential customers and drive activity.  Events can be a particularly time consuming and expensive form of outreach however, requiring detailed planning and preparation in order to make them successful.  

CloudBoard’s solution offers unique advantages for those who undertake both virtual and physical events.  Our visual storytelling capabilities are perfect for driving audience awareness before, during, and after an event.  And our solution is especially powerful when used as a real-time communications platform during live events.  CloudBoard stories can be created or modified live while an event takes place (including photo and video capture)… allowing you to tell visual stories directly from a trade show floor, during a user conference, or virtually any other live gathering.  And all the content you turn into visual stories is immediately available for animated play on large screen displays and digital signs, without expending additional effort to repurpose the content…  Publish once – Use everywhere.