Solution Overview

CloudBoard’s visual storytelling solution has been crafted specifically for use by marketers, brand managers, and others responsible for generating compelling marketing content (both B2B and B2C).  It is also is designed to work in a manner that is complementary to an organization’s existing inbound and outbound lead generation activities, and other marketing, and/or branding efforts.  Our solution is:

      • Entirely SaaS-based
      • Requires no IT support
      • Can be shared by your entire team

CloudBoard’s solution is divided into three primary areas; Create, Publish and Distribute, as described below:


CloudBoard’s visual storytelling solution allows marketers and others to quickly create engaging stories that can be shared with virtually any audience via URL link.  Our patented visual storytelling process is based on the use of configurable templates that make storytelling simple and easy, and allows you to make the most of content you already have.

CloudBoard’s storytelling templates are easy to configure, requiring only a single background image and logo in most cases, in order to generate a complete set of story-page options with unique content layouts/arrangements.  Templates can be modified at any time, making it simple to regenerate a new look for your stories to keep them fresh, or to rebrand a story for special events, or other purpose.

Maintaining a continuous flow of a story from beginning to end is an important component of CloudBoard’s story building process.  However, we also recognize the need to incorporate links to external content sources (such as documents, forms, websites, polls and commerce solutions) which can be accomplished quickly and easily at the same time your story is being created.


Publishing and managing visual stories using CloudBoard’s solution is easy.  Stories are simply created, inserted into a Channel playlist, and then “activated”.  Stories are then automatically assembled and formatted by CloudBoard’s online service using the story’s designated templates and configuration settings, and then auto-published in real-time, so that they can be played on your private and/or public channels.  Story content can be modified at any time and republished, and your stories can either be run alone, or together back to back with other stories you’ve created using CloudBoard.

CloudBoard stories are delivered using a single URL channel link.  This allows for simple distribution of the channel content across multiple marketing message channels (email, text, social media, etc.) and permits channel content to be changed at any time instantly.  Distributing channel content in this manner means that new content does not need to be uploaded multiple times, or new content redistributed, each time content changes.


CloudBoard channels are distributed using a single URL link which makes it easy to incorporate them into email and text messages, and to share them across multiple social media sites. Our channel links also automatically deliver a separate and unique user experience specific to the receiving device type.  On desktops, laptops and tablets users are presented with an animated viewing experience that can be interrupted by the user at any time, permitting the use of navigation features, or viewing of expanded text content.  On smartphones, users are delivered a vertical scrolling experience that is complemented with a brochure viewing experience when their phone is rotated to horizontal position.  On Smart TVs and compatible digital signage, the viewing experience is fully animated where videos included as story content play automatically.

Monitoring CloudBoard stories that you have published is accomplished using the Story Analytics Dashboard associated with each channel.  Channel owners can check to see how often a story is viewed, and can also monitor each channel to see how effective their stories are in maintaining the interest of viewers.