You Have Stories to Tell

Your business has stories to tell …  Great stories… Stories about your products, your services, and/or your journey. Compelling and worthy stories that will resonate with audiences and which describe not only what you do, but also why you are the best in the world at doing it. 

Creating, producing and distributing your stories, however, can be like climbing some remote mountain… At various times challenging, daunting, and exhausting… unless you have the right solutions in place to enable you to tell and deliver your stories quickly, effectively, and visually.



CloudBoard Makes It Easy

CloudBoard’s solutions make great visual-storytelling quick and easy, while at the same time leveraging the power of your brand and your look.  All without having to continuously repurpose, or redistribute your content. And our solutions let you deliver the stories you create across multiple channels and devices simultaneously, so that the entire world can see them… So that people will share them, embrace them, and be touched and motivated by them.


 Simple Yet Powerful

CloudBoard’s solutions are extremely easy to use and can be shared by groups of users, which means they can be used by your entire marketing team to drive even your most demanding content marketing efforts.  CloudBoard solutions enhance your ability to tell your story visually by:

  • Allowing you to create your stories rapidly with a consistent branded look
  • Animating and streaming your stories, making them dynamic and visually compelling
  • Delivering your marketing message across all devices simultaneously while leveraging your brand.
  • Making event execution quick, easy, and seamless
  • Providing you with the analytics you need to measure the effectiveness of your story and its content



Create, Produce, and Distribute

CloudBoard employs rich media AI-driven templates to take your raw content and turn it into beautifully crafted visual stories that are delivered to your audience via an engaging omni-channel experience. Your stories are published instantly and broadcast to anyone in the world, on any device, without having to resend, or repurpose your content… Publish once, and you’re done. Your stories can also be activated to run on multiple channels, and updated by groups of users at any time from their smartphones.  This makes it easy to create and alter stories to keep pace with even your fastest moving marketing programs, including live events.


Benefits for Marketers

CloudBoard is a solution designed especially for marketers, delivering key advantages including:

  • A simple Visual Storytelling capability with the analytics you need to measure their impact
  • Produces an Omni-Channel experience –  Build once… Publish everywhere
  • Your look, your brand – automatically
  • Simple way for teams of marketers to work collaboratively and creatively together, and with your partners/clients
  • Instant publishing – Prefect for use during fast-paced live events